Discover The World of Words

Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) is the gold standard in software for analyzing word use. It can be used to study a single individual, groups of people over time, or all of social media.

Easy to use

LIWC-22 requires no advanced linguistics or computer science skills. With it, you can analyze single or multiple text files, words in spreadsheets, or simply copy and paste text into the program. Your results can be displayed in word clouds, graphs, or data spreadsheets.

The highest scientific standards

LIWC-22 analyzes over 100 dimensions of text, all of which have been validated by respected labs around the world. Over 20,000 scientific articles have already been published using LIWC.

Flexibility for more advanced users

LIWC-22 works as an all-inclusive desktop application which now integrates with other programming languages like Python and R while still taking advantage of the LIWC processing engine.

The new LIWC-22 toolbox

For new researchers and old friends alike, you will find that the new LIWC-22 program makes psychological research with language data richer, easier, and more scientific than ever before. The new LIWC suite includes built-in modules that let you:

  • Develop and customize your own dictionaries, as well as assess the internal consistencies of dictionaries
  • Generate word clouds in a snap
  • Convert your datasets into topic modelling format, based on the Meaning Extraction Method
  • Calculate Language Style Matching (LSM) for comparing texts with each other
  • Model the Arc of Narrative (AON) assessment to measure and understand how narratives "unfold"
  • Analyze your texts with majorly updated, improved, and expanded built-in LIWC dictionary categories