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What operating systems are compatible with LIWC-22?

LIWC-22 should work without any issues on any of the following platforms:

  • For Macs that have an Intel processor, LIWC-22 should work with any version of macOS starting with Big Sur and later. Some users may be able to run LIWC-22 on earlier versions of macOS, however, we can not guarantee compatibility with older macOS releases. For Macs that have the newer Apple M1 or M2 processors, LIWC-22 will work with any version of macOS starting with Big Sur or later.

  • Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. Note that LIWC-22 is only available for 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system. Note that we cannot guarantee ongoing compatibility or support for versions of Windows that have reached their end of support date.

  • Desktop versions of Ubuntu/Debian Linux. Note that, while we have tested the application on the "Desktop" releases of Ubuntu (20.04 and 22.04), that we cannot guarantee that LIWC-22 is compatible with other flavors of Linux, nor other Ubuntu/Debian variants. If you have success in running LIWC-22 on other distros, please let us know!

Can I use LIWC-22 if I am not a researcher/student at a university?

The LIWC-22 licenses that are available on the web store are only available for use by academics and students working in university settings. Non-academic/Commercial licenses are required for all other uses, including those working for a for-profit company, non-profit organization, government agency, government contractor, or any other type of research institution.

Additionally, if you are an academic who is planning to use LIWC for non-academic work, such as consulting or advising, a commercial license is required.

In order to acquire a commercial/non-academic license, please send an e-mail to sales@receptiviti.com

I'm not at a university and just want to use LIWC for fun/curiosity. Can I buy the academic version of LIWC?

Unfortunately, the academic version is only available to enrolled students or employees of academic institutions. The company that holds the non-academic rights to LIWC is Receptiviti, Inc. Contact them and explain your situation and they will treat you right at a fair price.


Can I install/activate LIWC-22 on more than one computer?

With a each license purchased, you get 2 separate, concurrent activations. These can be used in 2 ways:

  • 1 copy activated on the same computer under 2 different users
  • 2 copies activated on separate computers (1 copy on each computer)

If you need to change installation computers, you will want to first deactivate your already activated copy prior to installing/activating on a new computer.

How many times can I deactivate my license in order to change users/devices?

Every serial number allows for 3 deactivations/reactivations under different users/devices, regardless of how many licenses you have purchased. If you have purchased 10 licenses, you can install/activate your serial number for up to 20 different users. However, you can only deactivate/reactivate 3 of those installations — it is not possible to deactivate your installations in order to switch devices/users in perpetuity.

I purchased multiple licenses. Why do I only have a single serial number?

When you purchase multiple licenses at once, all licenses are assigned to the same serial number. As stated above, each license is still valid for 2 activations. For example, if you purchase 5 licenses for your research lab, you will receive a single serial number that is valid for 10 activations on up to 10 different machines (or 5 machines @ 2 users each, or 2 machines @ 5 users each, and so on).

Can I buy university-wide or network licenses for computer labs?

Why yes, yes you can! Pricing for network licenses is based on how many users you would like to be able to concurrently use the software. When you purchase a network license, someone from your IT team will need to coordinate with us to set up your network license correctly. The process is fairly simple and straight-forward. If you are interested in purchasing a network license, please send us an e-mail for additional purchasing and setup information.

For how long is my license valid after I have made a purchase?

The duration of your LIWC-22 license begins at the time of purchase. For example, if you purchase a 1-year license on January 1st, it will expire on the December 31st, regardless of when you activated your copy.

Sales & Purchasing

How do I make a tax-exempt purchase?

All sales of LIWC-22 are processed through the FastSpring webstore. For more information on tax exemptions/refunds of sales tax, please refer to their FAQ (Specifically, the "Tax Exemptions" section):


Essentially, purchases must first be made with tax, then refunds are issued afterwards with the provision of a tax-exempt certificate / documentation. You can request the tax refund from this page specifically after purchase:


I have purchased a copy of LIWC-22, but I never received a receipt/download link. What should I do?

Invoice e-mails, which include your download URL and serial number, are typically sent within the first 24 hours after purchase (in most cases, invoices are sent immediately). If you have not received your invoice e-mail within the first 24 hours after purchase, you may need to check your spam folder. In the interim, you can download your copy of the LIWC-22 application from here.

I already bought LIWC2015. Can I have a free upgrade?

LIWC-22 is a completely new application that has been built from the ground up — that is, it is not simply an update to LIWC2015. While it is possible to have both installed at the same time, your LIWC2015 license does not apply to LIWC-22 and you will need to purchase a separate license for the new application.

However, if you purchased an unlimited LIWC2015 license in the 6 months prior to the launch of LIWC-22 (between August 2021 and February 2022), you will be eligible for a complimentary 1-year license for the new software. If this situation applies to you, you will have received an e-mail from us about redeeming your complimentary license (you might need to check your spam folder).

For all other LIWC2015 users — worry not: your LIWC2015 license will still work for as long as we are able to reasonably support the application.

Are there discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes, discounts are applied to academic license bulk purchases automatically during checkout. The specific price/quantity details of bulk discounts are subject to change.

Why are you charging money for LIWC? Why isn't it free?

Building and maintaining LIWC has been — and continues to be — a difficult, labor-intensive task that involves dozens of people every year. Often, the work that is required to design, build, and maintain/improve LIWC requires a large amount of work that has no immediate payoff for the people involved. The underlying programming of LIWC-22, for example, involved a professional group of coders, designers, and developers that took over a year to complete. Over two dozen students were hired to help evaluate the dictionaries. Once launched, we now deal with a large number of support e-mails every day, and must pay for servers and software to maintain everything.

We do everything that we can to keep the costs fair and as reasonable as possible, especially for other academics. While acknowledging that it takes time and financial resources to make LIWC possible, we also do not want pricing to be a barrier to scholars doing good research. After paying for development costs, server maintenance, etc., the profits from LIWC have historically been donated to the University of Texas Psychology Department and other educational entities to help fund scholarships and help graduate and undergraduate students pay for their education.